Thursday, 16 November 2017

Belarus - 2017 Vysheyshaya Liga

The Belarusian Premier League or the Vysheyshaya Liga is the top division of professional football in Belarus, and is organized by the Belarusian Football Federation. The number of teams in the competition has varied over the years from as high as 17 (1992–93 season) to as low as 11 (2012). As of 2016, the league includes 16 teams. Each team plays every other team twice during the course of the season. At the end of the season two teams are relegated to the Belarusian First League, and two are promoted from the First League to replace them.
BATE Borisov are the current champions and most successful team, with 13 titles.
The 2017 Belarusian Premier League is the 27th season of top-tier football in Belarus. The season began on 1 April 2017 and is scheduled to conclude on 25 November 2017. BATE Borisov are the defending champions, having won their 13th league title last year.
The bottom two teams from the 2016 season, Granit Mikashevichi and Belshina Bobruisk, were relegated to the 2017 Belarusian First League. They were replaced by Gomel and Dnepr Mogilev, champions and runners-up of the 2016 Belarusian First League respectively.

BATE Borisov won 2016 Vysheyshaya Liga

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Poland - 2017/18 Nice I liga

The 2017–18 I liga (currently named Nice I liga due to sponsorship reasons) will be the 10th season of the Polish I liga under its current title, and the 70th season of the second highest division in the Polish football league system since its establishment in 1949. The league is operated by the Polish Football Association (PZPN). The league is contested by 18 teams. The regular season will be played in a round-robin tournament.

The following teams have changed division since the 2016–17 season.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Finland - 2017 Ykkönen

Ykkönen (Finnish for 'Number One'; SwedishEttan) is the second highest level of the Finnish football league system(after the Veikkausliiga), although it is the highest league managed by the Football Association of Finland.
The 2017 Ykkönen is the 46th season of Ykkönen, the second highest football league in Finland. The season will start on 29 April 2016 and end on 21 October 2016. The winning team will qualify directly for promotion to the 2018 Veikkausliiga, the second has to play a play-off against the eleventh team from Veikkausliiga to decide who will play in that division. The bottom 2 teams will qualify directly for relegation to Kakkonen.

A total of ten teams will contest in the league,including seven sides from the 2016 season, and FC Honka and Gnistan who were promoted from Kakkonen after winning the promotion play-offs.
PK-35 Vantaa, who were relegated from Veikkausliiga, declared bankruptcy and withdrew their spot from the league.OPS took their spot in the league.
KTP and FC Jazz were relegated from 2016 Ykkönen.
JJK, the champion of 2016 Ykkönen, was promoted to the 2017 Veikkausliiga.

Like the Veikkausliiga, the first division is played mainly during the summer. It comprises 10 clubs, all of whom play three matches against all other clubs in the division. The winner of the Ykkönen qualifies directly for promotion to Veikkausliiga, and the team finishing second in the league will play a two-legged promotion playoff against the team finishing 11th in the Veikkausliiga. The bottom 2 clubs are directly relegated to Kakkonen.

TPS was the champion

Honka won play off and will play 2018 Veikkausliiga,


Monday, 13 November 2017

Maldives - 2017 Dhivehi Premier League

Dhivehi Premier League is a Maldivian league for men's association football clubs. At the top of the Maldives football league system, it is the country's primary football competition. Contested by 8 clubs, it operates on a system of promotion and relegation with Second Division Football Tournament.

Seasons run from August to May, with teams playing 14 matches each (playing each team in the league twice) totalling 56 matches in the season. It is currently sponsored by Ooredoo Maldives and thus officially known as the Ooredoo Dhivehi Premier League.
The competition formed as the Dhivehi Premier League on 22 December 2014 following the decision of The FAM normalisation committee formed by FIFA. It succeeds the Dhivehi League.
The 2017 Dhivehi Premier League season is the third season of the Dhivehi Premier League, first according to its new format. The season features eight teams; four teams from 2017 Malé League and for teams from 2017 Minivan Championship, each playing 14 matches during the regular season.

Last year the champion was Maziya


Saturday, 11 November 2017

Angola - 2017 Girabola

The 2017 Girabola is the 39th season of top-tier football in Angola. The season starts on 10 February 2017.
The league comprised 16 teams, the bottom three of which will be relegated to the 2018 Gira Angola.
A total of 16 teams will contest the league, including 13 sides from the 2016 season and three promoted from the 2016 Gira Angola - Bravos do Maquis, J.G.M. and Santa Rita de Cássia.
On the other hand, 4 de Abril do K.K., Porcelana F.C. and Primeiro de Maio were the last three teams of the 2016 season and will play in the Gira Angola for the 2018 season. Clube Desportivo Primeiro de Agosto are the defending champions from the 2016 season.
On January 23, 2017, Benfica de Luanda issued a press release stating that it would no longer participate in the Girabola, with effect from 2017 and until further notice, citing financial reasons, and that the club would focus on its youth academy and in turning the club into a sports company. With such decision, the club is liable to a heavy penalty by the Angolan Federation that might include a ban to participate in the girabola for an established period
For the repechage to fill the spot of Benfica de Luanda, a round-robin qualifier tournament was announced to be contested by the three relegated teams in the 2016 Girabola plus the two top-ranked teams in the 2016 Gira Angola.As four of the five invited teams declined to participate on financial grounds, Primeiro de Maio was selected to replace Benfica de Luanda.


1.º de Agosto champion


Friday, 10 November 2017

Georgia - 2017 Erovnuli Liga (ეროვნული ლიგა)

The Erovnuli Liga is the top division of professional football in Georgia. Since 1990, it has been organized by the Professional Football League of Georgia and Georgian Football Federation. From 1927 to 1989, the competition was held as a regional tournament within the Soviet Union. From 2017 Georgia switched to Spring-Autumn system, with only 10 clubs in the top flight.

The 2017 Erovnuli Liga (formerly known as Umaglesi Liga) is the 29th season of top-tier football in Georgia. Samtrediaare the defending champions. The season began on 4 March 2017.
Zugdidi and Tskhinvali were directly relegated at the end of the previous seasonSioni Bolnisi and Guria Lanchkhuti were also relegated after losing play-off ties. Because the league contracted from 14 to 10 teams for this season, there was no promotion from the 2016 Pirveli Liga.
Each team will play the other nine teams home-and-away twice, for a total of 36 games each.


Thursday, 9 November 2017

Somalia - 2016–17 First Division

The Somali First Division (SomaliHeerka Koowaad ee SoomaaliArabicدوري الدرجة الأولى الصومالية‎‎) also known as Serie A, is the Somali professional league for men's football association. It has been active for over 48 years since its establishment in 1967.
The 2016–17 Somali First Division is the 44th season of top-tier football in Somalia. The season began on 18 November 2016 and concluded on 2 August 2017.

Final Table:

 1.Dekedda SC               18  11  6  1  39-11  39  
 2.Banaadir SC              18  10  4  4  33-14  34  
 3.Elman FC                 18   9  5  4  38-14  32
 4.Heegan FC                18   9  5  4  26-17  32
 5.Horseed SC               18   7  8  3  20-16  29
 6.Jeenyo FC                18   6  8  4  30-25  26
 7.Gaadiidka FC             18   6  6  6  40-20  24
 8.Waxool FC                18   3  3 12  14-40  12  
 9.Barige Dhexe FC          18   3  2 13  10-47  11  
10.Mogadishu United         18   2  1 15  12-58   7  


Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Spain - 2017/18 Tercera Division Group 1

The 2017–18 Tercera División will be the fourth tier in Spanish football. There are 18 groups. The one group  is composed from Galicia teams


TeamCityHome ground
AlondrasCangasO Morrazo
ArenteiroO CarballiñoEspiñedo
ArosaVilagarcía de ArousaA Lomba
BarbadásBarbadásOs Carrís
BarcoO Barco de ValdeorrasCalabagueiros
BergantiñosCarballoAs Eiroas
CéltigaA Illa de ArousaSalvador Otero
ChocoRedondelaSanta Mariña
CompostelaSantiago de CompostelaSan Lázaro
Cultural AreasPonteareasA Lomba
LarachaA LarachaMunicipal
NegreiraNegreiraJesús García Calvo
NoiaNoiaSan Lázaro
Ourense CFOurenseO Couto
Racing VillalbésVilalbaA Magdalena
RibadumiaRibadumiaA Senra
SilvaA CoruñaA Grela
SomozasAs SomozasPardiñas
VillalongaVilalonga, SanxenxoSan Pedro

  • The top four eligible teams in the group will play the promotion playoffs.
  • The champion of group will qualify to 2018–19 Copa del Rey. 
  • At least three teams will be relegated to Preferente Autonómica de Galicia (Level 5)

Poland - 2017/18 Ekstraklasa

The 2017–18 Ekstraklasa is the 84th season of the Ekstraklasa, the top Polish professional league for association football clubs, since its establishment in 1927. The league is operated by the Ekstraklasa SA.
The season started on 14 July 2017, running to 20 May 2018.After the 21st matchday the league will be on a winter break between 18 December 2017 and 9 February 2018. The regular season will be played in a round-robin tournament. A total of 16 teams participate, 14 of which competed in the league during the 2016–17 season, while the remaining two were promoted from the I liga. The fixtures were announced on 8 June 2017.
Each team plays a total of 30 matches, half at home and half away. After the 30th round (in the beginning of April 2018), the league will be split into two groups: championship round (top eight teams) and relegation round (bottom eight teams). Each team will play 7 more games (teams ranked 1-4 and 9-12 will play four times at home). So, finally each team plays a total of 37 matches. This is the fifth season to take place since the new playoff/playout rule has been introduced.
The defending champions are Legia Warsaw, who won their 12th Polish title the previous season.

Sixteen teams will compete in the league – the top fourteen teams from the previous season, as well as two teams promoted from the I ligaSandecja Nowy Sącz were promoted to the Ekstraklasa for the first time. Górnik Zabrze returned to Ekstraklasa after one year absence


Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Lithuania - 2017 LFF I Lyga

The I Lyga, sometimes called as Pirma Lyga, is the second level of Lithuanian football league system. Administrated by the Lithuanian Football Federation (LFF), I Lyga is contested by 16 teams, with the top team promoted to A Lyga and replaced by the lowest-placed team in that division and the bottom clubs being relegated to the II Lyga. From 2016 season the second-placed team qualifies to direct promotion play-offs with A Lyga seventh-placed team.
The 2017 LFF I Lyga is the 28th season of the I Lyga, the second tier association football league of Lithuania. The season began on 24 March 2017 and is scheduled to end on 5 November 2017.
A total of fifteen clubs were confirmed for the season, a decrease of one spot compared to the last year sixteen. Four of them are reserve teams of the A Lyga sides - one more than last season and absolute maximum allowed for the competitions.
No teams were relegated from the top tier, due to last year I Lyga winners Šilas owner decision to relegate his club into the II Lyga after an investigation of match-fixing during a pre-season tournament was started (and later completed).
Three teams were automatically promoted from the II Lyga – West zone winners Pakruojis, South zone winners Stumbras B and East zone winners Utenis B, while II Lyga West zone silver medalists Koralas have received a special permission to compete in the league, after meeting all licensing criterios. Such permission was also given for Tauras, who were recreated after one season of complete inactivity in any football related activity.

Palanga was champion

Finland - 2017 Veikkausliiga

The 2017 Veikkausliiga will be the eighty-seventh season of top-tier football in Finland. IFK Mariehamn are the defending champions.
Fixtures for the 2017 season were announced on 19 January 2017. The season started on 5 April 2017 and ended in 28 October 2017.
PK-35 Vantaa were relegated to Ykkönen after finishing at the bottom of the 2016 season. Their place was taken by Ykkönen champions JJK.
FC Inter as 11th-placed team regained their Veikkausliiga spot after beating the second-placed Ykkönen team TPS 2–0 on aggregate in a relegation/promotion playoff.
Each team plays three times against every other team, either twice at home and once away or once at home and twice away, for a total of 33 matches played each.

HJK was the champion

Relegation play-offs

First Match
1 November 2017
FC Honka0–0HIFK
Tapiolan UrheilupuistoEspoo
Attendance: 2,674
Referee: Mattias Gestranius (Pargas)
Second Match
4 November 2017
HIFK1–1FC Honka

Telia 5G -areena ,Helsinki
Attendance: 4,158
FC Honka won 1-1 on away goals.


Monday, 6 November 2017

Dominican Republic - Liga Dominicana de Futbol 2017

The Liga Dominicana de Fútbol is the first professional football league in Dominican Republic, it was launched in March 2015. For sponsorship reasons it is known as LDF Banco Popular.
Each team will play 18 matches in the regular season, the 4 teams with most points qualify to the playoffs. The champion will be decided in a single-legged final.
The 2017 Liga Dominicana de Fútbol season (known as the LDF Banco Popular for sponsorship reasons) is the third season of professional soccer in the Dominican RepublicClub Barcelona Atlético are the reigning champions, having won their first title last year.

Each team will play 18 matches in the regular season, the 4 teams with most points qualify to the playoffs. The champion will be decided in a single-legged final.

Championship Semi-finals

 Venue:  Estadio Leonel Plácido, Puerto Plata
 Venue:  Estadio Olímpico Juan Félix Sánchez, Santo Domingo
 Venue:  Estadio Olímpico Juan Félix Sánchez, Santo Domingo
 Venue:  Estadio Cibao, Santiago De Los Caballeros

Championship Final

 Venue:  Estadio Olímpico Juan Félix Sánchez, Santo Domingo

Atlantico FC Champion Liga Dominicana de Fútbol Banco Popular 2017