Sunday, 10 December 2017

Ecuador - 2017 Serie B

The Primera Categoría Serie B, shortened to Serie B or Primera B, is a professional football league in Ecuador. It is in the second tier of the Ecuadorian football league system. Contested by twelve clubs, it operates a system of promotion and relegation with the top-flight Serie A and the bottom-level Segunda Categoría. The season runs from February to December in two stages. For sponsorship reasons, it is known as the Copa Pilsener Serie B.
The Serie B has been in place since 1971 and has been held on a yearly basis since (except 1973 and 1983–88), often holding two tournaments a year. The top team at the end of the tournament is not called the champion, but rather the winner. The number of teams being promoted or relegated changed through the years because, like the Serie A, the format often changes on a seasonal basis. The 2010 season was split into two stages, each with an identical double round-robin format. The team with the most points at the end of both stages is the winner. The winner and runner-up both get promoted to the Serie A for the following season while the two teams with the fewest points at the end of the season are relegated to the Segunda Categoría.
Thirty different clubs have won the Serie B, but only twelve have won it multiple times. The most successful teams are LDU Portoviejo and Técnico Universitario, with five titles each. The current winner is C.S.D. Macará, who won their fourth title in 2016.

There are currently twelve teams in the 2017 Serie B.

Tecnico Universitario


Saturday, 9 December 2017

Spain - 2017/18 Tercera Division Group 2

The 2017–18 Tercera División will be the fourth tier in Spanish football. There are 18 groups. The secong group  is composed from Asutias teams

Marino de Luanco

Ceares stadium. "Esto ye La Cruz" similar to "This is Anfield"

Atletico Lugones 



Friday, 8 December 2017

Hungay - 2017/18 Nemzeti Bajnokság II (Merkantil Bank Liga)

Nemzeti Bajnokság II is the second tier of Hungarian football. The champion and the runner-up will ascend to the first division while the two lowest teams in NB I are relegated to NB II.
The 2017–18 Nemzeti Bajnokság II is Hungary's second-level football competition.
On 19 June 2017, it was announced that the Hungarian Football Federation accepted all of the licenses of the 2017–18 Nemzeti Bajnokság II clubs.

Following is the list of clubs competing in 2017–18 Nemzeti Bajnokság II


Thursday, 7 December 2017

France - 2017/18 Ligue 2

Ligue 2 ( also known as Domino's Ligue 2 due to sponsorship by Domino's Pizza, is a French professional football league. The league serves as the second division of French football and is one of two divisions making up the Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP), the other being Ligue 1, the country's top football division. Contested by 20 clubs, it operates on a system of promotion and relegation with both Ligue 1 and the third division Championnat National. Seasons run from August to May, with teams playing 38 games each totaling 380 games in the season. Most games are played on Fridays and Mondays, with a few games played during weekday and weekend evenings. Play is regularly suspended the last weekend before Christmas for two weeks before returning in the second week of January.

The 2017–18 Ligue 2 season is the 79th season since its establishment. There are 20 clubs in the league, with three promoted teams from Championnat National replacing the three teams that were relegated from Ligue 2 following the 2016–17 season. All clubs that secured Ligue 2 status for the season were subject to approval by the DNCG before becoming eligible to participate.

A relegation play-off will be held at the end of the season between the 18th-placed Ligue 2 team and the 3rd-placed team of Championnat National

You can find the fixture here

In the 2016-2017 season, Paris FC made the playoff/relegation final against US Orleans but lost over the two legged game on aggregate. Paris FC were then administratively promoted to Ligue 2 after SC Bastia were demoted to the third division for financial irregularities.

Quevilly-Rouen promoted to Ligue 2


Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Gibraltar - 2017/18 Argus Insurance Premier Division

The Gibraltar Premier Division is a football league established by the Gibraltar Football Association (GFA) in 1905, and the top tier of football in Gibraltar. It originally contained eight member clubs, but it has grown over the years. In 1909 the league was split into two divisions between which clubs can be promoted and relegated at the end of each season. In the 2013–14 season, the Premier Division contained eight clubs with the Second Division containing 12 clubs. For sponsorship reasons it is known as the Argus Insurance Premier Division.
From the 2014–15 season, as a result of the territory's membership of UEFA, the champions will enter the first UEFA Champions League qualifying round, and the winners of Gibraltar's cup competition, the Rock Cup, will earn entry to the following season's UEFA Europa League qualifying rounds. From the 2016–17 season, the league will get one more place in the Europa League qualifying round, for the runner up of the league.

The 2017–18 Gibraltar Premier Division will be the 119th season of the top–tier national football league in Gibraltar. The league will be contested by ten clubs beginning on 25 September 2017 and ending in May 2018.
The ten Premier Division clubs will play each other three times for a total of 27 matches each.The tenth-placed team in the league will be relegated and the ninth-placed team in the league will enter a playoff with the second-placed team from the Second Division for a place in the 2018–19 Premier Division.
The winner of the Premier Division this season will earn a place in the preliminary round of the 2018–19 Champions League, and the second–placed club will earn a place in the preliminary round of the 2018–19 Europa League.
The ninth-placed team from the Premier Division will have a play-off match with the second-placed Second Division club for a place in the 2018–19 Premier Division-

At the conclusion of the previous season, Europa Point was relegated. As the champions of the Second Division, Gibraltar Phoenix earned promotion to the league this season. Manchester 62 earned the right to stay in the Premier Division by winning a playoff at the end of the previous season
Europa are the defending champions, having ended a fourteen-year winning streak for Lincoln Red Imps

All matches are played in Victoria Stadium


Saturday, 2 December 2017

Paraguay - 2017 Primera División B

Primera División B  is the third division of Paraguayan football,  it is organized by the Paraguayan Football Association in the metropolitan area, and organized by the Unión del Fútbol del Interior (UFI), in the rest of the country, except Asunción and Central department.
In 2017 the Paraguayan Third Division is divided into two leagues:
- Primera División B Metropolitana, which comprises teams from the Gran Asunción area

- Primera División B Nacional which contains the best teams from the different Departments of Paraguay.

The champions in the two leagues promote to the Intermedia league, the teams were San Lorenzo (Metropolitana)  and 2 de Mayo (Nacional).

El Sportivo 2 de Mayo de Pedro Juan Caballero

San Lorenzo

The seconds qualified in the two Primera B leagues (Metropolitana and Nacional)   played play-off.  3 Corrales promoted to Intermedia

Play Off

Colegiales     1-2     3 Corrales
3 Corrales     1-2     Colegiales

Penalties: 3 Corrales (4-2) 

3 Corrales de Ciudad del Este


Ecuador - 2017 Serie A

The Primera Categoría Serie A, simply known as the Serie A or the Primera A, is a professional football league in Ecuador. At the top of the Ecuadorian football league system, it is the country's premier football competition. Contested by twelve clubs, it operates a system of promotion and relegation with the Serie B, the lower level of the Primera Categoría. The season runs from January to December and is usually contested in multiple stages.

The 2017 Campeonato Ecuatoriano de Fútbol Serie A (officially known as the Copa Banco del Pacífico Serie A for sponsorship reasons) is the 59th season of the Serie A.

Twelve teams will compete in the 2017 Serie A season, ten of whom took part in the previous season. Aucas and Mushuc Runa were relegated from the Serie A after accumulating the least amount of points during the 2016 season. They were replaced by Macará and Clan Juvenil, the 2016 Serie B winner and runner-up, respectively. Macará are making their 31st top-flight appearance and their first return to the Serie A since 2013, while Clan Juvenil are participating in their first top-flight appearance.

The First stage began on January 29 and ended on July 9

Delfin won first stage

The Second stage began on July 14 and is scheduled to conclude on December 10.


Friday, 1 December 2017

Andorra - 2017/18 Primera Divisió (Lliga Multisegur Assegurances)

The Lliga Nacional de Fútbol, also known as Primera Divisió (First Division) or Campionat de Lliga, is the top professional football league for the country of Andorra.
The league was launched in 1995 sponsored by the local federation (Andorran Football Federation) which was created just one year before, in 1994. Until then the clubs played since 1970 an amateur league without a structure or affiliation with any official institution. The league  was renamed in 2017 as Lliga Multisegur Assegurances for sponsorship reasons.
The 2017–18 Primera Divisió, also known as Lliga Grup Sant Eloi, will be the 23rd season of top-tier football in Andorra. The season will begin on 17 September 2017 and end on 20 May 2018. The defending champions are FC Santa Coloma having won their eleventh championship the previous season.
The winner of the league this season will earn a place in the preliminary round of the 2018–19 Champions League, and the second-placed club will earn a place in the preliminary round of the 2018–19 Europa League
The eight clubs will play each other three times for twenty–one matches each during the regular season
The seventh-placed club (third-placed in the relegation round) from the 2017–18 Primera Divisió and the runners-up from the 2017–18 Segona Divisió will play in a two-legged relegation play-off for one place in the 2018–19 Primera Divisió
Inter Club d'Escaldes earned a place in the Primera Divisió this season by winning the 2016–17 Segona Divisió. Penya Encarnada will join them after defeating Ordino in a play-off.

All the teams in the league play in the same stadiums owned by the federation.

FC Santa Coloma actual champion

Thursday, 30 November 2017

FYR Macedonia - 2017/18 First League (Prva Liga)

The Macedonian First Football League (MacedonianПрва македонска Фудбалска ЛигаPrva Мakedonska Fudbalska Liga; also called Macedonian First League1. MFL and Prva Liga) is the highest professional football competition in the Republic of Macedonia. It is a professional league competition for football clubs located at the top of the Macedonian football league system and has been operating for about twenty years since the 1992–1993 season. It is organized by the Football Federation of Macedonia (FFM).

The 2017–18 Macedonian First League is the 26th season of the Macedonian First Football League, the highest football league of Macedonia. The fixtures were announced on 25 July 2017. It began on 12 August 2017 and is scheduled to be end on 20 May 2018. Each team will play the other sides four times on home-away basis, for a total of 36 matches. Vardar are the defending champions, having won their tenth title in 2016–17.

Vardar the actual champion


Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Angola - 2017 Segundona

Gira Angola aka Segundona is the 2nd division of Angolan football (soccer). It is organized by the Angolan Football Federation and gives access to Angola's top tier football division Girabola.
The 2017 Gira Angola is the 22nd season of the second-tier football league in Angola. The season will run from 9 July to October 2017.
The league comprises 2 series, one 4 and the other 5 teams, the winner of each series being automatically promoted to the 2018 Girabola while the runners-up of each group will contest for the third spot. At the end of the regular season, the three series winners will play a round-robin tournament to determine the league champion
All teams in each group play in a double round robin system (home and away).

Group A
Cabinda Province         Sporting Clube Petróleos de Cabinda
Bengo Province           Domant FC de Bula Atumba
Uíge Province            Atlético Sport Kalonji Dragão
Lunda-Sul Province       Futebol Clube Ajuda Social

Group B
Huambo Province          Clube Desportivo Ferrovia
Benguela Province        Grupo Desportivo Jackson Garcia (Benguela)
Cunene Province          Evale Futebol Clube
Bié Province             Vitória Atlético Club
Cuando Cubango Province  Futebol Clube Casa Militar

Grupo A
 1.Domant FC            5  2  3  0  5- 1  9 promoted
 2.Sporting de Cabinda  5  1  3  1  3- 3  6 play-off
 3.ASK Dragão           5  1  1  3  4- 7  4
 FC Ajuda Social        3  1  1  1  2- 3  4 [WITHDREW]

Grupo B
 1.FC Casa Militar      8  7  0  1 18- 6 21 promoted
 2.GD Jackson Garcia    8  6  0  2 13- 7 18 play-off
 3.CD Ferrovia          8  4  0  4 15-14 12
 4.Evale FC             7  1  0  6  8-16  3
 5.Vitória AC           7  1  0  6  3-14  3

Domant FC - FC Casa Militar     3-1   

Play off
First leg : Sporting Cabinda 5-1 Jackson Garcia
Second leg: Jackson Garcia   2-1 Sporting Cabinda

NB: Sporting Cabinda promoted.

Domant FC de Bula Atumba

Futebol Clube Casa Militar

Sporting Cabinda