Thursday, 18 January 2018

Belize - 2017/18 Premier League

The Premier League of Belize is the highest competitive football league in Belize. It was founded on December 28, 2011 after the merger between the Belize Premier Football League and the Super League of Belize.

The 2017–18 Premier League of Belize is the seventh season of the highest competitive football league in Belize, after it was founded in 2011. There are two seasons which are spread over two years, the opening (which will be played towards the end of 2017) and the closing (which will be played at the beginning of 2018).

Opening Season

From the 2016–17 Premier League of Belize closing season, 7 teams continued to play in the opening season of 2017–18. FC Belize were replaced by a newly formed team, San Pedro Pirates, making 8 teams in total.

There would be one league consisting of the 8 teams, who will play each other twice, with the top 4 teams advancing to the end of season playoffs. The opening season commenced on 12 August 2017.


Verdes FC  PLB 2017/18 Opening Season Champion

Belmopan Bandits

San Pedro Pirates Football Club


Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Kazakhstan - 2017 Premier League

The Kazakhstan Professional Football League, commonly referred to as Kazakh Premier League or simply Premier League,is the top division of football in Kazakhstan. The League is controlled by the Football Federation of Kazakhstan and was set up in 1992. The League is fed into by the First Division and starts in spring and finishes in late autumn because of the low temperatures in the winter, with each championship corresponding to a calendar year.

The 2017 Kazakhstan Premier League is the 26th season of the Kazakhstan Premier League, the highest football league competition in Kazakhstan. Astana are the defending champions having won their third league championship the previous year.
On 23 December 2016, a league format change was announced. The previous system of 22 regular season games followed by 10 games in the championship (top six) or relegation (bottom six) round was discontinued. Instead, the teams played 33 games over three rounds, with at least one home game and one away game against each opponent. These 33 games alone decided the champion, European participants and relegation
FC Zhetysu and FC Taraz were relegated at the end of the 2016 season, and were replaced by FC Kaisar and FC Altai Semey. However, on 3 February 2017, the Football Federation of Kazakhstan ruled that Altai Semey did not meet the required entry requirements for the Premier League, and ruled that FC Taraz will replace them for the 2017 season.

The number of foreign players is restricted to eight per KPL team. A team can use only five foreign players on the field in each game

The winner was decided in the last round, and that held everyone in suspense. But we believed in our team and our strengths, and deservedly won the gold medals! Making it through to the group stage of a European club competition and winning the domestic champions title were our main objectives for this season. I congratulate the players of the club, the coaching staff, the employees and specialists of our football centre and all our many fans in Astana, in Kazakhstan and all over the world!” said FC Astana General Manager Sayan Khamitzhanov.
FC Kairat Almaty lost the Premier League title by just one point, despite their 3-2 win over FC Aktobe in a parallel match, and once again had to content themselves with silver medals.
Third place went to FC Ordabasy Shymkent; fourth to FC Irtysh Pavlodar.
The two teams that finished at the bottom of the standings, FC Taraz and FC Okzhetpes Kokshetau, were relegated from the Premier League. FC Zhetysu Taldykorgan and SK Kyzyl-Zhar Petropavl will replace them, having won promotions from the first league. Akzhayik, which finished 10th, will have to defend its place in the top flight in a Nov. 9 playoff match against FC Makhtaaral, representing Kazakhstan’s southernmost township.
The results mean that FC Astana will try its luck again in the UEFA Champions League qualification round next summer, while Kairat, Ordabasy and Irtysh will do the same in the UEFA Europa League
FC Astana wins fourth straight Kazakhstan Premier League title

Relegation play off
Akzhayik 2–1 Makhtaaral


Tuesday, 16 January 2018

England - 2017/18 Sky Bet Championship

The English Football League Championship (often referred to as the Championship for short or the Sky Bet Championship for sponsorship reasons) is the highest division of the English Football League (EFL) and second-highest overall in the English football league system, after the Premier League. Each year, the top finishing teams in the Championship are promoted to the Premier League, and the lowest finishing teams are relegated to League One

The 2017–18 EFL Championship (referred to as the Sky Bet Championship for sponsorship reasons) is the second season of the EFL Championship under its current name, and the twenty-sixth season under its current league structure.

Location of 2017/18 Football League Championship teams

New teams Promoted from League One
Sheffield United

 Bolton Wanderers


Relegated from Premier League
  • Hull City
  • Middlesbrough
  • Sunderland


Monday, 15 January 2018

Gozo - 2017/18 BOV GFA First Division

The Gozitan First Division, also known as BOV GFA First Division for sponsorship reasons with Bank of Valletta, is the top level of the Gozitan football league system. Under this system there is another division under the First Division, the Second Division.

The BOV GFA First Division is based on three rounds with each team playing each other three times, thus the teams in the First Division play 18 games each in total. The season is usually held between September and April. At the end of the season, the bottom club is relegated to the Second Division and the winner of the Second Division is promoted to next season's First Division. A promotion/relegation play-off game is held between the 6th placed First Division team and the team placing second in the Second Division.

Participating teams

Xewkija Tigers was champion in 2016/17 legaue

The majority of matches are played at the Gozo Stadium or at Sannat Ground.


Sunday, 14 January 2018

El Salvador - 2017/18 Primera División

The Primera División of the Liga de Fútbol Profesional (Professional Football League), more commonly known as La Liga Mayor or La Primera, is the top professional football league in El Salvador.
There are two tournaments each year, much like in many other football leagues in the Americas. The Apertura season runs from August to December, while the Clausura season runs from February to July.

The 2017–18 Primera División de Fútbol Profesional season (also known as the Liga Pepsi) is the 19th season and 37th and 38th tournament of El Salvador's Primera División since its establishment of an Apertura and Clausura format.
Santa Tecla F.C. the defending champions of the Apertura and Clausura. The league will consist of 12 teams. There will be two seasons conducted under identical rules, with each team playing a home and away game against the other clubs for a total of 22 games per tournament. At the end of each half-season tournament, the top 8 teams in that tournament's regular season standings will take part in the playoffs. 
The champions of Apertura or Clausura with the better aggregate record will qualify for the 2019 CONCACAF Champions League. The other champion, and the runner-up with the better aggregate record will qualify for the 2018 CONCACAF League. Should the same team win both tournaments, both runners-up will qualify for CONCACAF League. Should the final of both tournaments features the same 2 teams, the semifinalist with the better aggregate record will qualify for CONCACAF League.
A total of 12 teams will contest the league, including 11 sides from the 2016-17 Primera División and 1 promoted from the 2016–17 Segunda División.
UES were relegated to 2017–18 Segunda División the previous season.
The relegated team was replaced by the 2016–17 Segunda División playoffs promotion winner. Independiente won the Apertura 2016, while Audaz won the Clausura 2017 title. C.D. Audaz won the playoffs by the score of 1-0.

C.D. Chalatenango were stripped off their license after suffering financial trouble (failing to primera division license, their players and staff).
A.D. Chalatenango were formed by business leaders and by the local government, they purchased the license and debts of CD Chalatenango.

Apertura 2017

Play Offs

The Alianza Fútbol Club became the first team in the history of national football to be an undefeated champion


Azerbaijan - 2017/18 Premyer Liqası

The Azerbaijan Premier League (Azərbaycan Premyer Liqası), currently named Topaz Premyer Liqası after its main sponsor, is the top tier in Azerbaijani club football. The league is contested by 8 teams, in which the season runs from August to May. The winner gets a second round play off spot in the UEFA Champions League.
The Azerbaijan Premier League was first organized in 2007 and succeeded the Top Division (, which existed from 1992 to 2007.
Since 1992, a total of 8 clubs have been crowned champions of the Azerbaijani football system. The current champions are Qarabağ, who won the title in the 2016–17 season for the fifth time.

The 2017–18 Azerbaijan Premier League will be the 26th season of the Azerbaijan Premier League. The season began on 11 August 2017 and will end on 19 May 2018. Qarabağ are the defending champions.
Although unconfirmed by the UEFA, it is expected that the winners of the league this season will earn a spot in the first qualifying round of the 2018–19 Champions League, and the second and third placed clubs would earn a place in the first qualifying round of the 2018–19 Europa League.
Shuvalan was relegated at the conclusion of the previous season. Sabail were promoted and will participate in the Premier League this season.
Clubs will play each other four times for a total of 28 matches each

On August 23rd, 2017, Qarabağ FKthe Azerbaijani football, AKA soccer, team, qualified for the UEFA Champions League group stage, being the first ever Azerbaijani football team to achieve such result.


Saturday, 13 January 2018

Germany - 2017/18 2. Bundesliga

The 2. Bundesliga is the second division of professional football in Germany. The 2. Bundesliga is ranked below the Bundesliga and above the 3. Liga in the German football league system.
The 2017–18 2. Bundesliga is the 44th season of the 2. Bundesliga. It began on 28 July 2017 and will conclude on 13 May 2018.
The the top two teams are promoted automatically, and the third placed team plays a two-leg playoff against the team that finishes 16th in the Bundesliga.
The bottom two teams are relegated into the 3. Liga automatically; the third from bottom team can avoid relegation by winning a two-leg playoff against the team that finishes in 3rd place in the 3. Liga.

Teams promoted this season to 2.Bundesliga:

Holstein Kiel

Jahn Regensburg 

MSV Duisburg 


Togo - 2017/18 Championnat National de 1ère Division

The Championnat National de Premiere Division is a football league featuring clubs from Togo, and is the primary competition of Togolese football. Founded in 1961, it is administered by the Fédération Togolaise de Football.

he 2017–18 Togolese Championnat National season is the 48th edition (since independence) of the top level of football competition in Togo. It began on 18 November 2017.

Clubs participants:

AC Sèmassi FC (Sokodé) 

Unisport de Sokodé

ASKO de Kara

Super Coupe des Champions 2017

As Togo-Port won both competitions (championship and independence cup), Sèmassi 
played as runners-up.
AS Togo-Port 2-2 AC Sèmassi [4-3 pen]

Togo Port de Lomé won SuperCup