Sunday, 30 November 2014

Lithuania - A Lyga 2014

The A Lyga (English: The A League), currently also known as A Lyga for sponsoring purposes,is the top division of professional football in Lithuania. It is organized by LFF (Lithuanian: Lietuvos Futbolo Federacija, English: Lithuanian Football Federation). League size has varied between 8 and 12 teams over the past few years; for its 2014 season, the league features 10 teams. The season usually kicks off in late March/early April every year; because of the harsh climate there are no games in the winter.
The league changed its number of teams for the fifth time in a row, increasing it from nine teams in 2013 A Lyga to ten sides, because it 2 new clubs from 1 Lyga, it is FK Trakai and FK Klaipėdos Granitas. As a consequence, the schedule increased from 32 to 36 matches per team, with each team playing every other team four times in total, twice at home and twice away.
The 2014 A Lyga, is the 25th season of the A Lyga, the top-tier association football league of Lithuania. The season starts on 8 March 2014 and ends on 29 November 2014. 


 Dainava relegatied to 2015 1 Lyga

 VMFD Žalgiris Vilnius are the champions

Source: Lithuania Football Asociation

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